November 27, 2011

Debra: Challenge Plans

I will be working on both challenges simultaneously.  My reasoning is that I will have a finished project at the end of 2012 instead of a bunch of miscellaneous blocks I have to make into something.

I am planning & piecing right now. I hope to have both done by the end of December so I can start January ready to stitch.  2 pieces--one is fun and free while the other is formal and classic.  I thought it would be a fun way to see how the stitches can be interpreted in many ways.

The fun & free project will be a '50s inspired faux vintage Crazy quilt.  Currently I have 12 squares for the inner section and will add an outer CQ border.  Each square will have a large basket of flowers.  I am using alot of machine embroidery for the motifs--all with a nod to 50s dresser scarves and little girls' dresses.  Just playing with my Inner Girl here.  Bright colors on white and pastel backgrounds.

The formal project will be more of a color study with selected bird embroideries organized in a grid.  The fabrics will be "all about the textures".  I'll be adding texture to plain fabrics.  Then, I'll work the stitches in very precise order and add lots of embellishments.  I want to have the hand embroidery complement the machine embroidery.  I am planning this piece for my living room.

So, 2 CQs at once.  Yikes.
I also want to use 2012 to problem solve on some unfinished CQs and finish those.

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Suztats said...

It sounds like you'll have your hands full, for sure! Well, I find I accomplish more with a plan than without. Sometimes when I let it 'just happen', it often doesn't. lol