December 6, 2016

Moira: a couple of finishes

Had a great trip to Phoenix.   Was able to see a lot of friends, but missed seeing others.   Hopefully will get to see them next visit.

Did get a couple of things accomplished this past week.   I finally got the runner for the front hall sewn.  Unfortunately it is about 6 ft too short, but it is what it is until I get something else that will be longer.

And I got the top to the current commissioned quilt together.   Will be pin-basting it on Thursday and then I'm planning a quilting marathon for the weekend (will start on Friday after work).   It has to be back out in TN before Christmas.  

Next up are three quilted tea cozies and an appliqued sweatshirt for Christmas gifts.   One of the cozies is in process now.

Have two commissioned quilts coming up as well.  First one will be a queen-sized quilt.  It will have pieced and machine appliqued blocks.   Focus fabric in the pieced blocks  is shown below.  Layout for the new quilt is below.   Appliqued blocks have the red B shown in the layout on my whiteboard.
Also have someone who wants me to make a king-sized t-shirt quilt for them.   The appliques will be along the lines of what is in the focus fabric.  Will need to draw all of them up.

And I'm thinking that to make life a lot easier for myself, I may try to find a store around here that has a long-arm that they rent out.   Both of these commissioned quilts would be a whole lot easier if I did them on a long arm.

Susan: Nada por mi

I keep forgetting it's Tuesday, but worse, if I remembered I still wouldn't have anything to post. Through November I did almost nothing. I've sewn a few blocks in December, but I haven't stitched anything. Maybe later this week, and then there will be something to show next week. I think mid-October was the last post I did! I did get the next cq block ready for stitching, and I don't see that I posted it, so I guess there is something after all..

Maybe there will be a Pam Kellogg seam on here next week. Maybe not.

November 29, 2016

Cyra ~ A few More Stitches

Here are a few more stitches that have happened this week.

I enjoyed making my last garden inspired weaving, so I've started another fiberart weaving to match it using the same warp, and it has begun with an even plain weave at the bottom for a reason, which will be revealed at a later date when a bit more has been completed, and some more of my freeform style has been added.


This Christmassy Cat will, in the next week or so, be made into a hanging decoration and posted off to someone special for a very special greeting.


My Summers End Mandala Madness Part 14 is done (the fawn bit). Hope to get part 15 started this week too.


And, after a joint effort (hubby & I), we got all the lounge furniture out of the lounge so that we could get that carpet cleaned before putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. It looks so much better now, and we can put the furniture back in tomorrow.
We also went shopping for two days to select a houseful of furniture for the new house we bought for our son to live in while at Uni in another town a few hours away from us.

Phew!!! It has been a very busy week.

Judy ~ No Longer MIA!

A  couple weekends ago a friend and I went to the annual Block Party Quilters show.
So many pretty quilts, and too many to show them all.  My favorite was the cat one. (Are you surprised?) It featured Laurel Burch fabric, and all of the cats were done with tiny seed beads!

Here are a few close ups: (If you double click on the photos, you can see the details.)

The sign tells you that it took the designer/quilter a year to do just the beading.

I fell in love with these dolls, too.  Have you ever worked with felted wool?  I have not.

We took these over to the GK today; Stella grabbed hers and ran into her bedroom where she hid them in a drawer.  Maybe she'll try them on some day?

 Max put his hat right on; it's a bit slouchy now but should fit for another Christmas season or two!

And of course I finished another two cowls.  You will be glad to know that the last one, at least for now, is on my needles.

November was crazy here. We had a big birthday bash for DH and lots of company. In between I've been doing some Christmas knitting. Hope you all are well and busy, too. Have a great week.

November 22, 2016

Cyra ~ Hey Ho Finally Got Here

I can't believe so many weeks have passed and I didn't get to blog about anything.
It has been a long month (nearly two months to be precise).
I'll not bore you with details of the non-stitching stuff
(because, frankly, it WAS really, really boring stuff).

I'm happy to have finished this Freeform Weaving project.
Inspiration from my garden.
Size is about 22" x 15".
Includes freeform crochet scrumbles.


I also finished the baby blanket and have sent that off.

This was the blanket that someone else started but passed away before finishing it.
The 'trouble' was that all her circles were different sizes, and it's nearly impossible to put circles together with a straight edge.
Anyway, I think I managed to make a reasonable blanket for the new grandchild of the deceased lady, even if it does have uneven edges and quite a few 'hills & valleys'.
It has plenty of character, definitely not perfect, and holds many of life's little hiccups within it's essence. It will be treasured for all the right reasons though.


I have actually finally got my Ocean Freeform Challenge piece bordered, backed, quilted and hanging properly.


I attended a craft workshop at one of my local groups.
We made these mixed media canvas pieces.

This blue one is my piece.


And I finished a circle weaving project using a home-made recycled plastic bowl for a loom.


So, that's me..... finally caught up with blogging about my makes and creations.

Angela ~ Working on a Chair

No sewing again this week, but today I am working on a chair.  I bought a vintage rocker that sits on a base and rocks on springs.  It's beautiful but way too low to get out of easily, and I have very short legs.
It's actually laying on its side, I just turned the photo.  The seat is about 14" from the floor.  I remember my grandfather having a rocker similar to this.
You can see the bottom construction and the rocking springs at the bottom of the photo.
I cut, sanded and stained 2x4s.  I will attach these to the bottom of the legs and run 2x2 braces across as well.  That will raise it up 4 inches which I hope will be enough.  I'm trying to get it finished before Thanksgiving day.

Moira: Lots of progress this week

Made lots of progress this week as I finished up the contest quilt and got it entered into the contest, finished off a Christmas gift and finished the center block for the commissioned quilt that I'm working on currently.

There is more quilting on the contest quilt than I think I've ever done on any quilt.   But I love how it turned out and it's for me (well unless I got a really really good $$$ offer for

Voting for the quilts that are entered is currently going on and if you're so inclined I'd love for you to vote for my quilt   Link for voting is .   If you vote, you'll need a FB account and be logged into it.  Thanks in advance if you vote for mine.

The final block of the t-shirt quilt is completed and all blocks are ready to sew together.   Will do that when I get home after the Thanksgiving holidays.  Tie sections shown at the right will be the sashing squares, and the long sashing pieces will be the same dk grey as the background behind the shirt below.

Hope everyone has a great week!

November 15, 2016

Angela ~ .......

No sewing for me unless you count a small seam repair.
However I did make a gardening journal.  The blank book I was using was not working for me.  I read about bullet journals and the style seemed to work for what I wanted.  I simplified and copied over 3 years of notes, not that there was that many and I'm happy with it so far.

Here's a glimpse for you, more on my blog if you are interested.

Moira - Progress

Finished up the binding on the contest quilt last night.   Final name for the quilt is "It's Quilting, Jim, But Not As We Know It".  And yes, that is a reference to Star Trek because the design I did for the sashing stars looks very much like the communicators on the show (unintentionally!).  It's also a nod to the theme of the contest which was to take traditional blocks and remake them in a modern way.  Best estimate is that there is over 800 yds of thread in the quilting of this critter.   It finished out at 48" by 60".

Additional pics show closer up pics of quilting on two of the blocks.

Also below is a pic of the finished t-shirt dress that I made for my Operation Christmas Child box and a snack mat that is currently in the binding process.   It will be a Christmas gift.  Still to make to go with it is a tea cozy....just need to find a pattern for one.

November 8, 2016

Judy ~ Some Finishes At Last!

Good Morning!  Finally I have some new finishes, and they aren't all cowls.  First, this pair of socks is done at last. It's Hermione's Everyday Socks pattern in Cascade Panda Silk Prints Spice Market. For some reason sock #2 always takes me forever, but I did it.

And you guessed right, the rest are Interrupted Cowls:

If you need a quick pattern and you have the yarn (Bamboo Bloom), give this a try!  None of mine have turned out as large as the one pictured in the pattern photo, but they are cosy.
Have a good week!

Angela ~ Bible Cover Update

I managed to get one row of red stitching around the edge of the back cover, but I think it really needs two rows to set it off.

And then the decision to make for the front, should I edge with red or purple ribbon?  I lean toward the purple since there is so much red there already, but it would need maybe one row of red embroidery to finish it off.  I had spoken of adding some metallic thread but now I don't think it need it.

Any opinions out there?

Moira: Slow progress

 Started working on the quilting for my contest quilt this past week.   Didn't get as much done as I'd have liked, but what is left is doable by the deadline to get pics uploaded.   At this point I have (well had) all of the straight sashing quilting, 5 of 10 border stars complete, 1 of 6 full stars complete, and 4 of 12 blocks completed.    However, I had to  do some frog-stitching last night to fix one border star that wasn't laid out correctly....oops............did most of it this morning, and will sewing the remaining two seams to finish the fix this afternoon.I have quilting plans for 4 of the remaining 8 to get them done.   Am still debating about the name, will be going with a star trek take off.....

second pic shows some of the quilting.   Click on either pic for a better look.

Got tired of mangling myself thanks to the multitude of pins.   Bought a pack of the foam door hangers that kids can decorate.  Then cut them up to make pin protectors.  They are working wonderfully....and I have 6 more of the hangers for replacements when needed.  =)

Got all of the tie blocks done for the commissioned quilt.   Just need time to get the center block done.

 This pic will give you and idea of what the final block will look like.   I'll be using a dk grey for the background that will peek out above the top of the shirt.   And yes, the tie really is tied (and by me!).    =)

Made over the weekend, but unplanned, was a new cover for my kindle after the one I'd been using decided to vanish overnite.  =(   Outer fabric was a leftover piece of home dec fabric from a commissioned project.  Not real happy with the way the zipper turned out, so I'll end up making another one before long so that it is easier to get the kindle in/out.