February 21, 2017

Angela ~ No Stitching Again

Sorry to report there has been no stitching again.  We have been having a warm a spell and I have been busy in the garden.  I moved a raised bed to a better location, that meant digging out 15 large bags of soil, moving the thing about 20 feet and then refilling it, not to mention smoothing out the ground where it use to be.  That took almost a week.
This is what it looked like a year ago, its green now no potatoes this year, the beds are 3' x 8' and 32" tall.

Today I severely cut back the wisteria that has overgrown itself and was partly dead.  I literally cut off 90% of it.  It really needs a trellis or arbor but its in a weird part of the yard for that, I have no idea who planted it there.

Onions garlic and beets have been planted, all doing well so far.  Fruit trees are budding which is not good because we will probably get more freezes.

I have made a couple more Hats for Vets, I will save them up till I have a bunch to mail again.  It looks like all the ones Clare has made and received so far will be delivered to patients at a VA Hospital near her.  I'm going slowly on this next batch since I sprained my right thumb.  I can't not use it so it is taking time to heal.

Susan: CQJP2016 Finished


Close ups of final seams:

Motif 11  
Motif 11

Seam 50  
Seam 50

Seam 51  
Seam 51

Seam 50 was fun. I used Aurifil pink 12 thread for accents, a variegated Sassa Lynne for feather stitching, and tiny Delica magenta beads. I think they were these from U Bead It, my favorite bead store in the country. These were actually bought in person in Sacramento, many years ago.

Cyra ~ A bit of This & a bit of That

'A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That' is a very good title for this weeks work.

Here we have a bit of freeform crochet that started off as one scrumble, and quickly progressed into three more scrumbles trying to match the first. They are not exact replicas (because this IS freeform crochet after all, i.e. no pattern), but it's near enough for me and this project.

And then I got to stitch some hexies together, which turned out just fine, with 
6 of these:

and 6 of those:

Things will start to get more intense for me on the hexies soon as the numbers for each 'round' increase and it will look like I'm 'stuck' in one place as I work on, and build up the required numbers of a particular colourway.

Going out today. It's Ameri-car-na day here and the town will be crowded as the American cars are a big pull for fans to head our way. Photos next week of the days activities.

Happy Stitching

Judy ~ Yep, It's Really Me Again Finally!

It's been over a month since I posted here. Time sure gets away from me.  And then we were gone for 10 days enjoying the Arizona sunshine.

I made her a pair of mitts for a blog friend as a thank you for the soap she sent me.  The pattern is Fetching; the cables show up better on a plain color though.  I did a normal bind off though rather than the picot one in the pattern

Lately I seem to be fixated on mitts.  This is the second time I've made these music mitts, and they are a fun project.

This time I used a Hatti kit, two actually, to make another pair of slippers.  There's probably enough yarn left for a hat.

Last fall, one of my grandsons requested a pair of socks in red and yellow, and I finally finished them.  Hope they fit and he likes them. (Heard that both the socks and slippers met with approval and even fit!)

And at long last the seams in this sweater are DONE!  The pattern is Pacific Pullover and the yarn is Berroco Briza.  It was done ages ago except for the seaming which I always seem to procrastinate. I wore it recently, and it's cozily warm.

Here's the youngest modelling a hat made long ago.  Looks like it still fits!  Have a great week!

Moira: Lots of sewing on a holiday weekend

This weekend was a holiday weekend for me which meant I had today off, definitely enjoyed that.   I continued working on UFO's.   I put together some purple/lime and blue/lime HST's together with a WOW out of my stash to make 4-patches.   The triangles were given to me by a friend several yrs ago, but I couldn't tell you who.  

I've also found some other bits and pieces that are in the same color family that I'll put with them.   Haven't a clue tho at this point on how I'll set them.

For finishes - I finished off the next 2 teddy bear blocks.   Charles the farmer and Maria the dancer.

I designed two applique blocks to go with an orphan block that was in my stash.  Blocks are of an origami swan and crane.   All three blocks are now in a tabletopper.   I'll get that quilted at some point.

The last two things completed were getting two sets of UFO blocks bordered out to a consistent size of 15" and then together in two quilt tops for Sunshine Quilts.

This week tho there won't be much accomplished because I'll be down in Savannah GA with Susan at Quilt Con...can't wait!   Well I could skip the 4 am time that I have to leave my house to get to the airport, but that's beside the point.   I'm just hoping for good traffic on the hr long drive over there.

February 14, 2017

Cyra ~ A productive week

Lots of projects got to spend some quality time with me during the week.

The 'Long on Colour' freeform challenge made an appearance. I think this is going to be a cowl.
Earthy and autumnal colours with a pop of black and white. 

And we had such a lovely day yesterday that I was stitching in the back garden in the shade with my kitty companion.


My BAMCAL 2017 Blues Blanket has two more 12" blocks made.

Block Four is Kaleidoscope Blossom Square by Chris Simon

Block Five is Marigold Mandala Square by Dorianna Rivelli with slight adjustments in the outer rounds as, once again, I 'do-my-own-thing'.


The Summer Brights Blanket has four more 6" blocks.

This is Window Box Granny by Lisa Mauser


The ¾" Hexagon Quilt

The darker blue has been added to the rosettes, and lots of yellows prepared ready for attaching.


Weaving Project- My Garden, panel 2.

This panel starts with a band of regular weaving at the bottom which is the same yarn as Panel 1, and then gradually incorporates freeform weaving as it progresses. 
Multiple weaving styles and texture will be added to this.

So that was my week. Very productive, and I even got to empty and clean out the fish pond (as the two last fish in there disappeared last weekend, probably to a kingfisher or new stray cat that I've seen hanging around).

Moira: Slow progress

Three more applique blocks for the commissioned quilt were finished this past week.   And I got the blocks for another American Hero quilt put together.    Finished off teh weekend by working on some repairs on a quilt for a friend.   Hope to finish that up tomorrow night or Wed.

And if you wonder about the difference in color of the block backgrounds for the bears - the last pic was taken with my new camera.........quite a difference between it and the old one!

Susan: Partial Progress

CQJP2016, Seam 50, partially finished while traveling:

Birdie Stitches, last block almost finished while traveling:

Not much left to do on that block!

February 7, 2017

Moira: Lots going on......

I've been working hard on a number of projects.

There is a commissioned project that is in full swing of designing applique blocks and then making them.   This  quilt will feature 12 applique teddy bears and a pieced block setting that has a teddy bear fabric in it.   The only fabric that won't come out of my stash for it is the background fabric for the applique blocks and a few of the fabrics for the bears themselves.  =)  Two blocks are done and two more are in process.

 I'm also using the teddy bear blocks as the BOM that I'm posting on my blog this year.  The post with the link to the first pattern can be found on my blog here.

I've named the first one Teddy, the second Valentino, the one with the shamrock Seamus, and I'm still thinking about a name for the 4th bear.

I've also been working on finishing up a UFO.  I managed to get the quilting done on the pineapple table topper done and the binding on, but that is still waiting to be sewn down.

I also sent off 11 quilt tops to Sunshine Quilts (8) and American Heros (3).  Feels good to have those on their way to someone who will finish them up so someone else can enjoy them.

Susan: A Couple More Steps on the Way!

Seam 49:

Motif 10:

All Sassa Lynne threads, except pink and purple French knots are Cosmo, 2 strands.

Sorry, forgot to press to get rid of markings.

January 31, 2017

Angela ~ No Sewing, I've Been Outside!

No sewing for me this week.  I've mostly been outside as we have had nice warm weather, 78 degrees today!  I have been working on rain barrels, painting them and getting them hooked together.  That entailed hauling a yard of sewer rock and cement blocks as well as setting everything up.  So I now have five 55 gallon barrels set up (3 are already full from the rain we got) and I have 2 more to set up tomorrow.  Dad has to reroute the washing machine drainpipe first.

I'm also hoping to get some onions in the garden this week, actually I already have one that I found popped up, from where I have no idea as there was never onions in that bed.  Lots more to do, I'll post a photo or 2 next week.

Cyra ~ A walk in the Park

Last Thursday was a beautiful sunny day when Tony & I had a trip to Hawera to take a leisurely stroll through the park.

It's a beautiful place, full of very well kept gardens, a great kiddies park area, duck ponds, Chinese garden, rose gardens, and lovely nooks, shady areas, and secret gardens. 
It always looks amazing there, and you never know what surprises you'll find as you follow winding paths or peep around the hedgerows.
Whoever created this space did an excellent job of keeping people and children entertained.


I have designed a hexagon quilt for a long-term project.

It is going to be humongous (for a super-king sized bed) and will probably take 5 years or more to stitch because I'm using ¾" hexagons --- oh what was I thinking, mad, totally mad, hand stitched English Paper Piecing, oh dear.

Here it is so far, the humble beginnings...

I did not get any photos of my latest crochet block for my blanket, but I did do some stitching on my 'A Year of Stitches' project. I'm not managing to do stitching every day on it, but hey, I'm only human.