September 27, 2016

Cyra ~ Some Fun Projects

I've managed to get quite a bit of stitching done on some fun projects over the week, so here are my current project photos.

Completed Band 1 of the Embroidery Sampler.
The blue and purple are the additions this week.

And a childs cheerful crochet Beanie Beret of my own design.

Also, a little update on the Party At My Place Quilt. Two more 'building blocks' added.

And some progress on a baby blanket that somebody else made, but I am repairing and joining the remaining circles.

So that was my stitchery week.
I have a lovely variety of projects still on the go.
I have a quilt wall hanging to finish off over the next few weeks, and the white circles baby blanket must get finished soon too, as the new baby it is for is due in October.

Hope you all have a great week ahead.
Happy Stitching

Judy ~ Finally Posting!

It's been ages since I posted anything here; we're just back home from a visit with our daughter, and prior to then I was madly working on her birthday gift.

Yes, I finally finished the Sampler Sweater in time for the birthday party, including sewing in a million ends. (And no, I don't have any secret method but wish I did.)

The back is slightly different from the front.  And if you look carefully, you can see how I messed up on the sleeves. (My own design element, right?)

I think she likes it!

Here's a closeup of the Interrupted Cowl I gave to a friend. It's made with a yarn called Bamboo Bloom and a fun, easy, and fairly quick knit.  After the first one,  I ordered two more skeins since it was such a fun knit.

And while we were gone, I finished this Twirly Skirt for Stella and gave it to her this past Saturday.  Hope you've all been well and happy!  Have a great week. I am anxious to catch up with all of you.

Suz: Dyeing As September Ends

 September is soon over, and cooler autumn weather will be arriving. I took advantage of the last few sunny days to try dyeing some cotton and some silk hankies.

cotton fabric
leaves from my garden
sun dyeing technique

silk hankie
leaves from my garden
rock salt
pearl dye for the shimmer
sun dyeing technique

silk hankie
ferns from my garden
rock salt
pearl dye for the shimmer
sun dyeing technique

silk hankie
leaves from my garden
sun dyeing tehnique
rock salt
pearl dye to add the shimmer

silk hankie
shibori technique
all pearl dyes

another angle

Sharpie markers
cotton fabric
rubbing alcohol

after applying the rubbing alcohol


the fabric on the left half was the hankie part folded underneath
it created a soft effect

Sharpie markers on a silk hankie

after the application of rubbing alcohol

less movement than on the cotton

sun dyeing #2
using leaves and stencils

the paper stencils left a soft pattern

the plastic stencil created a crisp result

after a second application of dye in yellow

sun dyeing on silk with leaves

after a second dye of yellow

cotton fabric, leaves and a paper stencil

after a second layer of dye in yellow

the paper stencil has distinct and soft areas of the design

using a felt stencil on cotton

the second dye layer created an even softer effect

Last week I dyed some fabric with avocado pits. After drying, I cut one piece of fabric in half, and threw 1 of the halves into the laundry. After it was dried in the dryer, I put the two halves together, to see if there was a discernable difference in their colour.
It appears as though the tannins in the avocado pits work well as a mordant on cotton fabrics.

I didn't really like the experiments with the markers and alcohol, so I decided to use any left-over dyes on those pieces, as well as a cotton cloth . What do they look like now?

This piece may get some more dye additions. I like the softness of the blue and golds on the lower half, so I may add some more blue to the top half and see if I can cover up more of the ugly bit.
Or I could try doing a shibori technique on this piece to see what happens.

I like the effect on the remainder of this cotton cloth. The section with the bold marker stripes could be cut out for another application.

This cotton hankie sopped up any spills and drips and has a nice soft effect. It could easily be used as is, or used as a sopping cloth in my next dyeing experiments.

My conclusions:
I like the 1 layer of dye on the silk and cotton in the sun dyeing.
A second layer of the same dye colour might be a nice effect.
The yellow layer appears too strong, so I may try a third layer to see what happens.
The shibori technique requires more dye than I used. Even though I put 2 layers on the silk, I don't think the dye  penetrated the silk enough. I do like the results.

Well, that's my week of playing with dyes. It was fun.
I hope your week was a creative one.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Angela ~ A Little Repair

I've started a repair on my favorite bra.  I just cannot seem to find a new one that fits right so I keep repairing the old one.
The poor thing has lost whatever shape it once had so I cut apart one of those preformed t-shirt bras that was too big for me and lined the inside of my bra with the pieces.  The hook ends were worn out and getting rusty so I chopped those off and put on the ones from the new bra that didn't fit.

At this point I have only hand stitched it in place but later today I will get out the sewing machine and reinforce the hand stitches.

The kidney infection is pretty much gone, I feel much better and with cooler weather here this week I intend to get out in the garden again!

Moira: More t-shirt pillows...........

This past weekend and this week I'm busy working on getting 6 t-shirt pillows done for a silent auction item(s) at my 40th HS reunion this coming weekend.    4 are finished, the 5th is in process and teh 6th is ready to start.    A friend supplied the shirts, and I'm supplying the rest as a donation to the auction.

Once I'm done with all 6, I'm going to be putting them into space saver bags and will "vacuum" the air out of them so that I can get them into my carry on luggage for the flight back to CA for my reunion this coming weekend.  

The pic below shows three little quilts - two table runners and a wallhanging (hand quilted!), that I pulled out of my completed quilts.   These will all be donated.   the wallhanging is going to a fundraiser for a no-kill cat shelter in CA, and the tablerunners are going to the group here that has been helping those affected by last years Christmas tornado.   They are currently collecting holiday decor as the families face their first Christmas since the tornado.  These were never used so this is a perfect thing to do with them.  

I'm hoping next week to be able to sew some for me!  lol.....I also need to get my contest quilt top basted, but have to find a place where there are big enough tables for me to use to do it.

Susan: Seam 40

Yay, I remembered! Seam 40 started on the June CQJP2016. Do ya think I'm behind any? Was putting those roots in weird? You might be able to click to enlarge. If so, it will show up on WordPress, I think.


It's outline stitch, and I like the way it looks with Sassa Lynne thread, which has a slight shine to it. This is a perle 8, more or less.

September 20, 2016

Suz: Needle Work and Dyeing

I've progressed from PPP #5 to starting PPP #6:

#5 all finished

a start on #6

a close-up on the lace flower

bullions mark the petals' vein

 I played with some tatting

trying out a variegated thread

Ankars tatting, but I pulled too tightly as you can see by the buckling on the rings

adding beads to the Ankars tat

I think I need to re-tat this using a gentler hand

 I've been working on a fabric card for my sister who loves blue

I have more fabric tags to make.

Each tag has a quote or humorous saying about sisters.

Some will be tucked into lace pockets, and some will be stitched onto
the card. I know they'll make my sister smile.

In the garden, the sedum is turning darker. Soon it will be bright crimson. The nights are getting cooler, and there's a touch of crispness to the air. Summer is almost over.

I've been saving my avocado pits, and this weekend, I cooked up a batch to colour some fabrics.

a baker's dozen pits in the pot

Some had a layer of skin pop off the pit.

the selection of laces, and fabrics washed and ready

After coming to a boil, I simmered the pits until this dark colour appeared, then I turned off the burner and added the fabrics.  I left the fabrics to dye all afternoon and overnight.
Here's the fabric as it was taken from the pot. Such a variety of shades, from palest pink to a tawny peach.
After rinsing in warm water, I hung each piece up to dry indoors. The dark piece at the back of the rack is silk dupion. Most of the other pieces are cotton. I even placed a skein of thread into the pot, too.
What nice colours!

Well, that's my week. I hope yours was a happy and creative one.

Hugs from Suz