January 18, 2017

Cyra ~ Another blue square.

Sorry I missed my usual 'time' here. I completely forgot what day it was.

One more blue afghan block made this week.

The circle pattern came from a book, but I had to design my own 'squaring up' for it so that I could use it in my afghan.
I think it worked ok.

I have started another quilt, but forgot to take photos. It's a hexagon quilt that will keep me busy for quite a while I think. My own design. I'll try to remember to take photos for next week.

And I have been doing a little bit of embroidery too, but again, forgot to take photos.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Happy Stitching.

January 17, 2017

Judy ~ Another Week, Another Tuesday!

I lost a week thanks to a "bug" from the grands.  The plus side is that I've been knitting . (And little else, oh yeah, reading, too.) One of my resolutions is to pare down the stash, and so far, I've been good.

I finished this aging WIP.  The pattern is fun and a little bit challenging; the yarn has been discontinued, but I found some other colors in my stash so will probably make these again now that I've figured out the stitch.

It's definitely been mitts weather here, but these are part of a trio requested by DD#1 for the texters in her family.  (The blue on the right mitt is more true for some reason.)

 I can't find this free pattern on Ravelry, but this link should work. I've made the mitts twice and the hat once.  They are long and surprisingly cozy.

What do you give someone who's birthday is right after Christmas?  I found a pattern for slippers using Top This hat yarn.  Somewhere on line I read that you should use puffy fabric paint to make them less slippery, so that's what I did. It dawned on me that I could write the birthday boy's name on the bottom of each slipper, so hopefully it will work!  The newest TH choices, including this one, are supposed to glow in the dark, but that's yet to be proven.

I'm saving my last finish for another post.  Have a productive week.

Moira: Making a mess

Sewing got done this week, but don't have pics of all of it.

I've finished all of the quilting in the background of the challenge quilt and then spent the weekend figuring out how to make a canoe.  However, since my thread matched the background, pics won't show it.

I ended up using a double layer of non-fusible peltex (like used in quilted postcards) that I stitched together to form the base.  Then fused on a wood grain print over that.  Satin-stitched the raw edges of all pieces.  The sides are sewn together with a straight stitch, and then I glued the two sections (bottom/side) together this morning.   I'll add some additional glue inside when I get home to strengthen the hold this afternoon.   Then it'll be ready to attach to the quilt somehow.

I'm going to trim the quilt to size and put the binding and hanging sleeve on tonite.  Then tomorrow I can start adding the "water".

Also this past weekend I did a lot of moving and sorting in my sewing room.  I've gone through all but one box of my non-quilting fabric stash.  That means I've gone thru 10 of the largest totes in my sewing room and 13 xerox boxes of fabrics...........net result is I have a much better idea of what I've got and what I'll actually use.   I've done a lot of sorting out of stuff that I know I'll never use at this point.  Kept things like the pants material that I have, the knits for tops, materials for gifts (need to get sewing to get things made up!), and fabrics for totes.  

At this point I'm down by 3 of the large totes and 6 xerox boxes.....woohoo!!!!!!!!!    What is going out will either be listed for sale or donated somewhere.   Still lots to be done in the fabric room, but this is progress....altho it doesn't look like it...lol.

January 10, 2017

Cyra ~ (Batty) Bertha Bling

Say hello to Bertha Bling, better known to her closest friends as 'Batty'.

The Ravelry Freeform groups January challenge brief was to create your Inner Beast using a magic ball of yarn. A pattern was provided by one of our members. As this was a Freeform challenge it was expected that the pattern would be used as a starting point, or spring board, to create our own Inner Beasts. Many of the resulting Inner Beasts are hilariously unique. Pop over to the Ravelry Project board to see them, and more Inner Beasts are still being created as some members are having so much fun with this they are creating a whole family of Inner Beasts, lol.
Inner Beast Project Board. (You have to be a member on Ravelry to view this link.)

I started with the pattern instructions for the body, but freeform took over just as I reached the leg holes.
What happened then I can only describe as innovative.
A bit of a Budha style tummy, and other curvy body shapes, appeared. She had driven her way into my head and was creating herself.
She is 16” tall in a siting position, and 27” from toe to crown.
Half woman / half beast. She occupies her days by creating havoc and laughing very loud. In just the nine days that I have known her she has kicked over my water glass twice, hidden the back door key, left a tap running in the bathroom, tipped a box of my yarns over, worst of all, left a hand/claw print in the un-set jelly.
Her name is Bertha Bling but her friends affectionately call her Batty for short.
She is by far the craziest woman, or beast, that has ever come to live in my house (although my family would argue that I’m almost at the top of the crazy list).
Other things that have been made this week:
Moody Blue 12" square - designed by Helen Shrimpton

and Efflorescent Window - designed by Laurie O. Campbell.
These are 6" squares that may, or may not, be joined together to make another block. I'm undecided whether to use them as individuals or not. They need another round of stitches to get them to the 6", but I'm waiting to see what other 6" blocks I make first.

Happy Stitching

Moira: Lots going on

This past week has been a busy one.  Finally got the boxes in my fabric room rearranged so that I can move around in there on Saturday and get to things....woohoo.....lol.    And in doing so was reminded about how much clothing fabric I have and how much of it I'll probably never use (I'm ignoring how much quilting fabric I have at this point!).  So the first thing in there that I need to go through and downsize drastically is the clothing fabric stash.   I've done that before, but it needs to be done again.  I know I want some of it (pants fabric and fabric for totes, especially), but the blouse fabrics I really don't need since I don't wear anything but knit tops these days.

 I've also got three boxes of patterns that need to be realistically weeded out and downsized.......since I'm not likely to do that much sewing of clothing again even if I can lose the weight that I need to lose.
 Then yesterday when I woke up at 3:30 am for the third time I pulled out a set of old swap blocks (from 2006) and started putting them together.  This is half of the first top (center part only).   Finished the center part of the top last night but don't have a pic of it.   Will be adding two borders -- an inner one of black Kona, and then a multicolor print (yet to be picked) for the outer border.  Might use the zebra print shown in the pic below.

I've got 11 blocks left and I'm thinking about layouts for them.   Currently thinking about the layout below with the zebra fabric.

The final project that I've made progress on is my challenge quilt. The riverbed is now fused down along the edges (center is not fused to reduce stiffness).  3-D boulders have been made and sewn on.   I've written many things onto the riverbed of things that either go by the wayside when buried under debt (at the bottom of the quilt) or things that can be a problem (at the top).   Once the water is added to this you'll only really be able to see the words down at the bottom of the quilt.    I've also started quilting the background fabric (green batik) using the ferns in the print as a guide.  Am about 25% done on the right hand side.   Lots more to go there.

January 3, 2017

Moira - finishes and a start

I've managed to finish off two blocks this new year.    And have finally started working on my quilt for the annual art quilt challenge that I've been taking part in for over 15 yrs now.

Finished block for the F2F swap -

Block for submission for publication (mailed out today) -

Challenge quilt fabrics -  (you can read more about it here - http://quiltedsnail.blogspot.com/2017/01/stretching.html

As for the sewing with the church group - it was a bust for me, couldn't find the power cord to my second machine and forgot the power cord/foot to the one I took.   Argh............  However, there were lots of other machines there, and 25 dresses are in various stages of completion for girls in Africa.


Oh boy....... I've done it again..... started lots of projects.

And just in case the title of this blog is reading like a foreign language to you, let me translate it for you here.

BAMCAL = Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long
FO's = Finished Objects
AYIS - A Year In Stitch
MYIS - My Year In Stitches

2017 BAMCAL is a Ravelry group in which we are given a choice of 3 blocks each month to crochet as we wish for our chosen project. I am going to see if I find enough time to do all 3 blocks, as I would like to make at least two afghans and a tunic/poncho.
My first 12" block is finished - Floral Kaleidoscope Afghan Square by Julie King.
I am using yarn from my stash for this project.


While I'm showing you FO's, here is a Free Form Ball that I finished for a CAL in another Ravelry group. 


A Year In Stitches is all about making stitches every day for a year and in a random, freeform style.
I have chosen a colourful printed fabric to randomly embellish with stitches.

And here is the start - Day 1 stitches.
Just a little bit more each day.


My Year In Stitches is a different project. It still incorporates a little bit of stitching each day, but this one is slightly more organized. It started off life as a patchwork wall hanging that I made a few years ago.... but.... I never really liked it the way it was, so I have decided to spruce it up with a whole heap of stitching to make it more appealing to me, and hopefully, I'll enjoy it enough when it's finished to actually hang it up instead of hiding it in a box.
The green stems are what I have stitched today, and there are quite a lot more of them to stitch too, so I might not share photos again until I get onto something more interesting to see.


Happy New Year to all, and Happy Stitching

Judy ~ Happy New Year!!! It IS Tuesday Already, Isn't It?

The holiday projects took over, and I became a very bad blogger.  In my time away, I did complete another Interrupted Cowl, however.  (Don't tell anyone, but I have the yarn for a bunch more......They won't get done any time soon though.)

I dove into my stash to find the next project, a Bead Stew bracelet, from Earthfaire.  I'd forgotten how much fun these are to make and also discovered a few more beaded projects patiently waiting for me to discover. (do?)  The bracelet was so much fun, I made another one for DD#2's birthday which is right after Christmas.

I also whipped up a couple of projects on the sewing machine.


Here's a very current photo of GD#1 modeling her cat scarf and requested pink hat. Hopefully they will keep her toasty warm!

Two more dish cloths came off the needles with barely a dent in this huge ball of holiday yarn which has been put away till next year.

I also finished a toasty warm scarf from a lovely Berroco yarn called North Star (and loved it so much that another one is underway in charcoal)

and one of 3 pair of mitts which DD#1 requested for the texters in the family.

Those were my final projects for 2016.  One of my plans for 2017 is to finish a couple of cross stitch WIPs.  Wish me luck!  And now I am

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Angela ~ Hats for Vets!

This week I took things easy, no Ebay listing, only one day was warm enough to work in the garden doing cleanup, so I made hats.
These are for the Hats For Vets project a friend's daughter has started.  

She asked that a note be included from the maker to the recipient, here's mine:
Then I signed the bottom with my first name.
I'm working on more, I have a whole tub of yarn no one is using for anything and will be looking for yarn bargains.    

December 28, 2016

Moira: New blocks/finishes

I actually have pics of stuff that isn't a commissioned quilt, wonder of wonders....lol.

Finished up the last of the Christmas gifts this week.  Remade the snack mat for my niece so that it used the same fabric as the tea cozy.  And used a UFO piece of cross-stitch in it.   Feels good to have finally done something with that.

Also managed to get the first two F2F blocks made for December.   And have designed two different quilts for one of the blocks (no I haven't made them!)
Up this week - the final F2F block for December, making a block to submit for publication (hopefully!) in the next issue  of QuiltMakers 100 Blocks by top designers, and getting the first block of the BOM that I will be hosting on my blog ready to go.   Am aiming for double use out of the blocks that I will be making for the next commissioned quilt (and yes I'm starting to work on that one now).   And if I have any time leftover then I also need to start working on the replacement pillow cover that I need.

I'll also be helping at a New Yrs Eve church get-together where we'll be doing service projects including sewing little dresses for girls in Africa.   Taking both sewing machines and then will be helping to teach/guide as needed the others as we work towards making 6 or 7 dresses.

December 27, 2016

Susan: Just Blocks, No Blocking

No stitching in the last week, but there has been block making.

Two swap blocks for Gun:

Westering Women October Block:

Block #22 from HST Sampler Quilt - Shattered - and mine isn't right, but it isn't getting fixed. It's definitely Shattered!

4th Snowball Log Cabin block, second time around.