April 25, 2017

Angela ~ I Really Did Use Needle & Thread!

I promise I really did use a needle with thread....just today....to repair this scrunchie.  
My thread doesn't match but I didn't have any quilting thread this brown color.  The elastic on these scrunchies gives way where the 2 ends are sewn together.  Then it is too loose to hold my hair.
So I sewed through part tightly and made a loose stitch which I sewed through several times tightly and repeated until the loose area once again had elastic that worked.
I not only use these for pony tails, I normally twist my hair into a bun and wrap it twice with a scrunchie to hold it.  It doesn't pull my hair and pins don't fall out everywhere.

So that's the extent of my sewing this week.  The garden has been calling and I've been picking blackberries, oh man, they are good.

Moira: Progress

Had a list of things that needed to be done or worked on this weekend.  And got most of them accomplished or at least good progress made.

First up to be worked on were the final blocks for the commissioned teddy bear quilt.  Made the last 9 blocks - 8 setting blocks (no pic of them) and the final teddy bear block.   Also tweaked the #11 block by adding a candy cane for Nicholas to be holding.

I then started to layout the blocks so that I could see how it was going to look.   I need to figure out where I can lay it out in full.....I don't have the floor space for sure!

Next up was completing the stitching on the pile of swan blocks that I have been working on for a couple of days.   They are now done, and i'm ready to pull more thread out this evening for the remaining blocks.

The last thing that I did was to put together a quilt top for a belated baby gift.  The baby's room is decorated in an Arizona theme, so I'm hoping that they'll like the quilt.  Still is to find a backing that will work and then get it pinned so that I can quilt it.

April 18, 2017

Angela ~ Crafting but no Sewing

I have been busy with everything except sewing.  Here's a group of double sided pendants I made.
These were all ordered by a past customer who lives in England.  He is Greek and they were Easter gifts for nieces & nephews that live here in the US.  The tradition is to hang them in your vehicle.  Each has the person's patron saint.

Moira: Swans, swans and more swans

Lots of prep work this week, but only a few completions for a change.....

I was able to get a total of 24 blocks fused (not all are pictured below), and 7 of those are already stitched.   Have the thread for the next 7 pulled and ready to go.  Still have 25 sets of fabric (well 21 sets and 4 pieces that need a coordinate) to fuse webbing onto so I can cut the pieces out of them.

Next up was getting the borders onto a quilt top for Sunshine Quilts.  And yes, I meant it to be asymmetrical in layout.  =)

And lastly, just a wee bit of bragging.  On May 2nd volume 15 of QuiltMaker's 100 blocks by Top Designers will be out and one of my block designs is in it.

And I've finally gotten business cards ordered for my quilting business.....woohoo.....now to look at getting a tax license here in Tx (altho I haven't decided on this one) and building the business up to where I have a consistent level of business coming in.

Susan: Almost Finished!

With the September postcard, that is. Just three words to go!

April 11, 2017

Moira: Slow Progress

Did get the 7 origami swan blocks stitched up last week.    And I pulled fabric pairs for about 45 or so more blocks and I still have a few focus prints that I want to use that I need to pull a coordinating fabric for.   I'm doing more than are needed for the quilt because until I start laying them out I'm not sure which ones I'll end up using in the final quilt.

These blocks are addictive!  lol.....
I only need 42 for the commissioned quilt so I will have extra ones to play around with later.     Good thing is that once all the pieces are cut and fused down the stitching only takes 10 minutes or so per block.  The fusing of the web to the fabrics, cutting and fusing the blocks is the slow part.

I also managed to make a new sample block for an old pattern and a pattern actually written up for it (had originally been just a couple of .gif's with no instructions) and posted to Craftsy.

And have measured 2 more bag fulls of clothing fabric.   Have one more big stack to measure.   At this point I'm just 5" shy  of 300 yards measured out.  Friday I plan to haul it all down to Austin where there is a place I'll be donating it too.   I'm happy to see progress being made in making the fabric room usable as I go through things and get rid of what I won't use.

April 4, 2017

Judy~Was Busy with Mozart and a Few Projects

Right after we got back from Florida, our choir began the final weeks of preparation for our concert last night.  We sang Mozart's Ave Verum and his final work, the Requiem.  The wonderful soprano soloist sang his Exultate and the orchestra opened the program playing his Sonata in C.  It was a wonderfully uplifting evening, but boy are we tired today. (There's a photo on our Facebook page.)  In the meanwhile, I did finish a couple of projects recently.

The Crazy socks are DONE!  It was probably the most complicated sock I have ever made with lots of unusual stitches and direction changes.  The cuffs were knit sideways and then seamed with a modified 3-needle bind-off.  All those direction changes made for a very interesting sole, and the "thing" in the gusset is on both socks and supposed to resemble a butterfly.  I started this project with a plain color yarn which was splitting badly so reverted to this choice which I thought was a tonal but became quite stripy. A plain color would have shown the different stitch patterns better, but this yarn made for a very fun sole.

My hair stylist is soon having her first baby, a girl.  Her color scheme includes lavender, so I made a pair of booties to welcome baby.  (They look blue in this photo though.💜)

As soon as our youngest GD saw her brother's zebra slippers, she asked for a pair.  How could I resist such a sweet request?  The first thing she said when I handed them to her was, "Do they have my name on them?"  That they do, and they even fit!

Just the other day I remembered a promise made last fall to make a pillow for my oldest GD using her latest completed embroidery.  Since we are headed that way soon, I thought I'd better get busy and here it is, ready to hand deliver.  If you click on the photo, you may be better able to see the chicken button.

Those are supposedly Bohemian chickens!?

 So know you know where I have been!  Hope you've had a good several weeks.

Moira: Lots of blocks on multiple projects

Last week I started working on updating some of my older patterns that I've had posted on my website.  This started after dealing again with lots of unusual traffic on my blog from Russia that came through my website.  So the website is offline at this point, and I"m deciding what to do with the patterns that I had up on it.  I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the website going or not because I really don't have time to maintain it like I should.

At any rate, I made new sample blocks for two applique patterns (angels), and have completed the patterns as of today.  And am working on a third one.   They should be uploaded by tomorrow.

Also made two more teddy bear blocks for that commissioned quilt.

And then started two more quilts...one a commissioned quilt featuring origami swans and one for me using some of my paternal Grandmother's hankies.  There will be 42 blocks in the quilt and each one will be a different combination of fabrics.  Fabrics for the swans is coming out of my umpteen bags of scraps.  I'm having fun pulling fabrics for the blocks.   I've got 7 blocks fused (4 stitched) and fabrics for 26 more blocks as of this morning.

This is the first block of the hankie quilt.   Still thinking about what color thread to use to stitch the hankies down with, probably will go with a white or a light grey.  The final pic shows the assortment that I'm choosing from for the blocks.  The item at the bottom right of that pic isn't actually a hankie so I'm going to use it in an appliqued dress block of some sort.   Have a couple of ideas for that.  I might make a couple of other dress blocks out of the hankies that have the crocheted corners to go with it and then put them in a diagonal row in the quilt.

Susan: Little Bits of Stuff

A little CQ:

Seams 52-54:

And a little stitching on the center of the September CQJP2016 center - Postcards from Heaven that Jenny and Allie did last year.

March 28, 2017

Cyra ~ More on the Stitch Sampler

I've been busy on my genealogy work over the last couple of weeks, hence not much happening on the stitching side over here in NZ. I have made a great headway on one particular small branch of my tree, and I always get a lump in my throat when surprises pop up in my research. It is so interesting to discover what people in my tree have been up to.

But now I've actually got some stitching things done again I can show you what I've been up to.

My Embroidery Sampler has two small simple stitch bands added.
(sorry the photo seems blurred)

....and here is the full sampler so far.



The 12" Block Seven for my Blues Blanket is That One Sister
Again, I have adapted the pattern to suit my personal preference (the freeformer in me always wants to take over, lol).


And....... tada!!!!
This is a sneak preview of a pattern that I will be releasing soon.


Tony & I have been out for a couple of coastal walks, all close to our home.
The first photo is Opunake beach from the cliff top (looking north across to Middleton Bay), and the second photo is the walk past Opunake lake and heading south to the next bay.

Two very different coast views and an enjoyable couple of days adventures.

See you next week when I hope to have more of the sampler done, and another 12" square, 
plus whatever else takes my fancy.

Angela ~ A Few More Hats

I found some more yarn at Goodwill, black & gray, full skeins!
So I have made a couple more hats for Hats for Vets using up the last bits of other colors I already had.  Each has a stripe or two of a bright color.  Now I'm on the last one I can make for now and it's a rather boring black gray and light brown, but perhaps a hunter may like it.

Clare had a great day about a week ago, she went to a VA clinic near where she lives in OH and they held a special event for her and promoted it.  She got to meet some wonderful vets and hear their stories and give away hats.  Most of the vets were amazed that someone wanted to give them something, especially a 15 year old girl.  It was a special day for her and them.

And we have 3 bluebonnet plants in our yard this year!  

Moira - Playing with UFO's

How can it be the end of March already?   Doesn't seem like time should be marching along that fast.

My hand was being uncooperative this weekend as I worked on the binding of the heart quilt and kept going numb.   =P  I should be able to get that finished tonite (have 1 1/2 sides to go).

In between working on that and income taxes, I pulled out a set of UFO blocks and started working with them.

These blocks started with the blocks and scraps that I had leftover from a group quilt top I put together back in 2003 for an online group that I've been a part of since 1997.  I ended up making 4 more heart blocks and 3 more of the four-patch blocks.  The blocks are 9.5" unfinished.  Since taking this picture I did rearrange the layout of the hearts a little.  All the rows are pinned in groups so that when I'm able to sew them together they will be ready for me.

I love the colors and fabrics in it.  And will be 54" square without a border.  Still thinking about what I want to do for a border, if I even end up doing one for this one.   And haven't decided if I'm gong to keep this one, sell it, or donate it.

March 21, 2017

Judy ~ Back Home!

We were gone and with no way of posting, but now we are back home. I finally finished a pair of embroidered socks!  It was last year's mystery sock from the Knitters Brewing Company.

It's a fairly complex pattern, so I didn't want to overdo it with so much embroidery that you couldn't see the cabling.

 I also finished a scarf and a pair of booties.  Right now I'm trying to finish this year's mystery sock which is based on crazy quilting. Can you imagine that?

Have a good week!  And thanks Angela for the reminder to get back to stitching!