October 18, 2016

Judy ~ Yikes, I Thought It Was Monday!

For quite a long time now my quilt group has made Christmas stockings for the local Ronald McDonald House each year, and I have always participated.  For some reason, I also always procrastinate this project until the very last minute, even though I only make two stockings.  So this past week since the deadline for turning them in was coming up, I did my two and here they are, front and back. (My first grade teacher told Mom that I was a procrastinator, and I guess she was right!) 

Here is something I did finish in a timely fashion.  I showed DD#2 the pattern called Brooklin Vest; she liked it and bought the yarn.  It's finished, she's worn it THREE times and just sent me this photo! (She cut her head off because she said she looked too tired.) The yarn is Berroco Vintage Chunky, so it was a relatively fast project and the first time I ever knit something side to side, which kept it interesting.  And there were NO seams to sew together!

This is what the back looks like.  The color is more true in the above photo, and you can also see that it looks much better on.

Then DD#2 sent this photo yesterday which was taken last month when we were in the Midwest and I delivered the Rainbow Sweater. (DD#1 is in the middle of the back row, and my sister is on her right.)  The sweater is plenty long and should fit GD#1 for a while. I'm sorry you can't see the buttons as they were a real find: golden suns! Just perfect for a rainbow, don't you think?

Have a great week!

Cyra ~ busy busy busy

Hi all.
Sorry I have not got any fiber related photos to show you.
We've had a rather busy couple of weeks sorting 'things' out here. 
One of our sons has moved back home with us, as we are closer to his new Uni than his flat was up in Auckland.
Tony and I have been on a bit of a project mission lately that means lots of days out.

So not a lot of stitching has been happening here. Although I have managed a couple of more rows on my Embroidery Sampler, and started quilting my 'Snorkelers View' panel ready for the art show.
No photos yet though.

Hopefully I shall have some stitching and sewing to show you next week.

Stitching! A Bible Cover Remake

My bible cover was in pretty sad shape.  So I decided to make a new one using pieces from a different old one.
I chose a royal blue heavy cotton fabric and doubled it for strength.  Then I cut apart the old bible cover I has on a slightly smaller bible that I have not used in years.  I also used Fray Check on all the cut edges of those pieces.  I actually embroidered a border on the spine piece but did not like how it turned out, so I frogged it all out.
These are the pieces cut out and tacked into place.  As you can see I embroidered this cover in 1983.  The threads are all silk or metallic.
On the front piece the cross is surrounded by vines with pomegranates, one pomegranate for each book of the bible.
The back piece is a favorite worship song my old pastor wrote and we sang it in Hebrew and English.  It is a simple song about how the Lord is our Peace.  The little thing at the bottom is a split in half hawthorn berry, a personal symbol for myself.

So I am hunting for a nice ribbon, braid, etc to use for a border around the pieces, possibly in purple.  Maybe I can get to Michael's or Hobby Lobby when we go to Abilene on Thursday.  Unfortunately that hour's drive is the closest to any place that carries a variety of sewing items.

Moira: Almost forgot.....

Well, I didn't really forget, just got distracted and didn't get my post written....Ooops.....  Dealing with medical issues this week and fighting bloodwork that isn't cooperating and docs that are like "results are in the normal range....so you're fine".....ummm nope I'm not.  So it's looking like it's time to find a doc who will actually try to find the issue.

Got 6 more blocks for filling in on the planned American Hero blocks made this past week  These range from 8" to 12" finished.    All blocks were made with the leftover pp'd patterns from the long-ago quilt.

I still have 16 or so more patterns, but most of them are smaller sections now that hopefully won't take too long to make.

Next up were two blocks for the F2F swap that I'm in.   These will be going to Susan.  Have one more to make this week.  Both of these were made using a couple of the recent designs that I've drawn up but "coloring" them differently.

And the final thing I managed to get accomplished was getting a piece of felt up for a design wall.   First time I've ever had one to use.  =)

All the stitching is finished on the June block. I still want to do a little beading on it, but that won't take long. I need to work on the Postcards from Heaven for July and August so I can get a couple more blocks made, though.

Seam 43 was made with doodling from one of the templates from Sharon Boggan's 2nd set of templates. They are still available, along with set 1, but not until she comes home in December. I find I use set 1 more often, but there are things I really like in set 2 also. I still use Carole Samples's templates the most, but those aren't available any more. This stitching is done in Aurifil 12 cotton threads, though the pinks are all DMC Floss I happened to have lying around. I almost never use DMC, but I was feeling too lazy to get up and get something else.


Seam 44 was a reversion to one of my favorite seams to do with Carole's middle sized wavy template. It is one that still needs beading. This thread is my favorite Sassa Lynne fine perle, about an 8.


And now a picture of the whole block, though it truly isn't a good picture. It's dark and late and my lighting isn't great. I'll get one in better focus in the daytime soon.


On Blogspot, you probably can't enlarge these WP pictures.

October 11, 2016

Judy ~ I've Gone Cowl Crazy!

Little did I know when I saw the Interrupted Cowl on Dee's website earlier this summer that this innocent little pattern would turn into a potato chip project, one just leads to another and another!  So far I have made three of them.  The yarn is Universal's Bamboo Bloom Handpaints, and I already had yarn in my stash for the first one. You've already seen it, but in case you forgot, here it is:

I loved it so much, I got yarn for two more but this time Bamboo Bloom.  First I made this one, and gave it to Kathyb.

And I just finished this one yesterday:

Then, you guessed it? Before my needles cooled off, I ordered two more skeins, but this time I went back to Bamboo Bloom Handpaints.  We'll see what happens next!   Since my order isn't here yet, I guess I'll just have to get back to some of my other WIPs and one really ancient UFO. You've heard that before, haven't you?

Moira: Back to sewing

Reunion has come and gone and I'm back to sewing and quilting.  =)

I layered and pin-basted my contest quilt top last week,  and then realized that I had not pressed the finished top a few days later.    Am debating now about taking it all apart to press it and then re-basting it on Thursday.   Good news is that I have an idea of how I'm going to start the quilting on it.  What would you guys do about the pressing?

I also got two more blocks designed this week and samples made of them.  One of which I'm using for the F2F swap that I'm in.  So I still need to make one for myself.

Both of these blocks will have patterns written up for them.  And the plan is to post them on Craftsy for sale.  I also need to get a project or several designed from them so that I can put full patterns up for sale as well.

Next up was a bunch of blocks made from the leftover pattern pieces of the one pattern.  All of these have been made from scraps.  These will all end up in American Hero Quilts.

Final block for this past week was the last one I needed for the F2F swap.  And it had a mind of it's own....I reversed the colors on one of the sections (half the block!) and had to change the design on the fly because I didn't want have to make more sections.

And finally, here's a pic from the reunion weekend of me and the three gals who I was best friends with during Jr High and HS.  I'm on the left side of the 4 of us.   Everyone but me still lives in California.

October 4, 2016

Susan: CQJP2016 Progress

Something happened to the post I had scheduled, so here's another one. Sorry, pics are a little fuzzy.

First, what happened to the tree with roots:

Second, Seam 41:

Third, Seam 42:

Judy ~ Yikes, How'd It Get to Be Tuesday So Fast?

Airplane travel and car trips make for good knitting time. I finished up this Twirly Skirt and delivered it last weekend. It's a little big with room to grow, but I think Stella liked it. It was a fun project with a very interesting way to do the waistband.

Sophia requested another hat like this one only in pink:

Lo and behold, as I was leaving Pacific Fabrics last Friday I found a ball of Keppi in pink; however, Sophia is two years older now, and I soon discovered one ball isn't quite enough anymore. So, I dove into the stash and found some leftover Caron Simply Soft Sparkly, and voila! It's done.

The best news is that it plays well with the cat scarf that I finished a while back.  One Christmas gift complete. Hurrah!

Don't you just love it when someone actually wears what you've given them?  My friend Becca wore her Scoreboard Scarf to the first Seahawks game this season even though the weather was warm.  The temps have cooled now, and it really feels like fall, so hopefully it will get lots more wearing time. Go Hawks!

Have a great week!

Moira: Back from the Reunion

Finished up the last of the 6 pillows on Wed. last week and left for my reunion on Friday morning.  Lots of time to spare.....lol......

I used three space saver bags to squash them flat enough to get them into my carry-on suitcase.  This is what they looked like the first time I sealed the bags.   Had to redo them because they wouldn't fit lengthwise into the bag.   So I opened and then re-positioned the pillows in each one and then resealed them.  had about 6" by the bag depth for my clothes...good thing I only needed enough for 2 days!

I also managed to get one new block designed and made a sample block of it.  I like this block because there are a number of ways to play with color on it.  Will be making more of this one.  

Actually I'm thinking of taking all of the last few blocks I've designed and putting them into a quilt design and then posting it for sale on Craftsy.   Just need to sit down and do it.

And finally, a pic from the weekend.   This was taken at lunch with 3 friends.   We were all BF's in high school and have remained friends since then, altho none of us have managed to stay in as good of contact as we should.  I'm on the far left.  The other three are scattered across California.

Reunion was good, and it was fun to be back in touch with long-time friends (some since elementary school!).  Sobering at the same time, tho to realize that 10% of our classmates have passed away.

September 27, 2016

Cyra ~ Some Fun Projects

I've managed to get quite a bit of stitching done on some fun projects over the week, so here are my current project photos.

Completed Band 1 of the Embroidery Sampler.
The blue and purple are the additions this week.

And a childs cheerful crochet Beanie Beret of my own design.

Also, a little update on the Party At My Place Quilt. Two more 'building blocks' added.

And some progress on a baby blanket that somebody else made, but I am repairing and joining the remaining circles.

So that was my stitchery week.
I have a lovely variety of projects still on the go.
I have a quilt wall hanging to finish off over the next few weeks, and the white circles baby blanket must get finished soon too, as the new baby it is for is due in October.

Hope you all have a great week ahead.
Happy Stitching

Judy ~ Finally Posting!

It's been ages since I posted anything here; we're just back home from a visit with our daughter, and prior to then I was madly working on her birthday gift.

Yes, I finally finished the Sampler Sweater in time for the birthday party, including sewing in a million ends. (And no, I don't have any secret method but wish I did.)

The back is slightly different from the front.  And if you look carefully, you can see how I messed up on the sleeves. (My own design element, right?)

I think she likes it!

Here's a closeup of the Interrupted Cowl I gave to a friend. It's made with a yarn called Bamboo Bloom and a fun, easy, and fairly quick knit.  After the first one,  I ordered two more skeins since it was such a fun knit.

And while we were gone, I finished this Twirly Skirt for Stella and gave it to her this past Saturday.  Hope you've all been well and happy!  Have a great week. I am anxious to catch up with all of you.

Suz: Dyeing As September Ends

 September is soon over, and cooler autumn weather will be arriving. I took advantage of the last few sunny days to try dyeing some cotton and some silk hankies.

cotton fabric
leaves from my garden
sun dyeing technique

silk hankie
leaves from my garden
rock salt
pearl dye for the shimmer
sun dyeing technique

silk hankie
ferns from my garden
rock salt
pearl dye for the shimmer
sun dyeing technique

silk hankie
leaves from my garden
sun dyeing tehnique
rock salt
pearl dye to add the shimmer

silk hankie
shibori technique
all pearl dyes

another angle

Sharpie markers
cotton fabric
rubbing alcohol

after applying the rubbing alcohol


the fabric on the left half was the hankie part folded underneath
it created a soft effect

Sharpie markers on a silk hankie

after the application of rubbing alcohol

less movement than on the cotton

sun dyeing #2
using leaves and stencils

the paper stencils left a soft pattern

the plastic stencil created a crisp result

after a second application of dye in yellow

sun dyeing on silk with leaves

after a second dye of yellow

cotton fabric, leaves and a paper stencil

after a second layer of dye in yellow

the paper stencil has distinct and soft areas of the design

using a felt stencil on cotton

the second dye layer created an even softer effect

Last week I dyed some fabric with avocado pits. After drying, I cut one piece of fabric in half, and threw 1 of the halves into the laundry. After it was dried in the dryer, I put the two halves together, to see if there was a discernable difference in their colour.
It appears as though the tannins in the avocado pits work well as a mordant on cotton fabrics.

I didn't really like the experiments with the markers and alcohol, so I decided to use any left-over dyes on those pieces, as well as a cotton cloth . What do they look like now?

This piece may get some more dye additions. I like the softness of the blue and golds on the lower half, so I may add some more blue to the top half and see if I can cover up more of the ugly bit.
Or I could try doing a shibori technique on this piece to see what happens.

I like the effect on the remainder of this cotton cloth. The section with the bold marker stripes could be cut out for another application.

This cotton hankie sopped up any spills and drips and has a nice soft effect. It could easily be used as is, or used as a sopping cloth in my next dyeing experiments.

My conclusions:
I like the 1 layer of dye on the silk and cotton in the sun dyeing.
A second layer of the same dye colour might be a nice effect.
The yellow layer appears too strong, so I may try a third layer to see what happens.
The shibori technique requires more dye than I used. Even though I put 2 layers on the silk, I don't think the dye  penetrated the silk enough. I do like the results.

Well, that's my week of playing with dyes. It was fun.
I hope your week was a creative one.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz