August 23, 2016

Cyra - I'm a Duodenary

The yarn events at Ravelry have finished. Here are my latest event finishes.

Sock-put event - Bootie Slippers

Afghan Marathon event - Afghan Blanket/Comforter

Hat Dash event - Pink and Purple headband

Bag Backstroke event - A Freeform Project-Holder Bag

Household Heptathlon event - Basket to hold my Threads

Household Heptathlon event - A Star Coaster for my glass of wine (or gin)

Household Heptathlon event - A woven and crocheted bookmark for my favourite book of poems

And with the 5 previously posted events:
Sweater Triathlon event - White baby cardi
Sweater Triathlon event - pink pullover
Toy Toss event - Hug-a-monster
Frogging Trampoline event - Frogging thing
Garment Polo event - Toddler skirt

12 finishes altogether over two weeks.
That makes me a Duodenary, lol.

Ravellenics ran from the 5th to the 21st August.

I would officially like to thank my DH for going away for the two weeks.
While the cat's away the crocheter will play, lol.

Suz : Only a wee bit

Only a wee bit of stitching was accomplished this past week, as I spent much of my free time doing painting exercises in watercolour. I did make some progress on PPP #5. First, though, a little eye candy of the thread type:

 My thread order arrived, and I'm looking forward to some colourful play!
 This seam treatment consists of a tatted pattern sample with swarovski crystals.

More tatting, bullions, cast-on stitch semi-circles in white pearl cotton, and TAST stitch #51 buttonhole herringbone

This lace flower, adorned with sequins, was appliqued onto a pretty flowered fabric

PPP #5 is almost finished.

That's all the stitching progress worth showing this week. I'm still joining the wrapping cloth pieces together, but won't show photos until it's all joined.

I hope your week has been a creative one.
Hugs from Suz

Angela ~ No Sewing Yet

No sewing for me just yet.  I got called and picked for jury duty.  Maybe we will be done tomorrow but I'm guessing Wednesday.  

Say a prayer for me, this one is hard.

Moira: a little sewing and lots of unpacking......

I've now been the townhouse for 9 days, and it's slowly becoming   I've been able to clear out enough space to layout the blocks and sashing for my quilt top for the Modern Quilts design contest.    I still need to remake at least one set of the sashing units (the light yellow at the bottom right of the pic) but to do that I need to find where the tote with my fairy frost fabrics is.    And to do that I have to get my fabric room where the stash is in order......sigh.....hopefully this week.   Or else I'm going to have to order another color.  

I've played around with the layout of the blocks since this pic was taken, but you get the general idea of what it will basically look like.

Am also debating about what to name this ..... it'll be a play on something star trek-y in nature since my pieced units unintentionally look similar to the communicators on Star Trek.

And if you're interested, you can click here to see pics from the house as I unpack and get things set up that I've put up on my blog.

August 16, 2016

Cyra - Almost forgot again

Sorry, I almost forgot to post again, which is why I'm late posting this. That's what happened last week too, I completely forgot it was Tuesday, I 'lost' a whole day somewhere (just in case you wondered what happened to me lol).

Since I have last posted here I have been crocheting almost non-stop for the Ravellenic Games.
Here are the results.

Baby Cardi in the Sweater Triathlon event

Toddler Top in the Sweater Triathlon event

Huggy Monster in the Toy Toss

Baby Slippers in the Sock-Putt event

Toddler skirt in the Garment event

I am currently almost finished on the Afghan Marathon (will be finished today), and then I start the Bag Backstroke. 
Only a few more days until the close of the games, and I'm hoping for a few more projects to enter into other events.

Also, last Wednesday, I attended a craft group workshop where we made these lovely wall plaques with a wood base, collaged papers, and a resin top coat. I really like the Celtic cross, and you know I love butterflies don't you, lol.

That's my lot for this week, and I hope to get back on track again next week when I can show you the rest of my finishes in the games.

Suz: In the Middle

It's the middle of August already, and we finally had some rain, so the temperatures have cooled, at least for a couple of days.
I finished PPP #4:

A crystal and silver butterfly has flown to a bullion seam treatment

the finished block

I'm leaving the top section plain, at least until it's joined to the next block.


PPP #5

the fabric card for my sister is underway

auditioning fabrics and trims
these are tags I made for another fabric card

one of the finished pieces for the wrapping cloth had beads added to the flower lace

all the pieces have their buttonhole edging

This is the lay-out for the wrapping cloth. See those openings here and there? I have 2 other finished pieces that I may cut up and fit into the bare spots.........
The size as shown measures 49 1/2" by 51 1/4". I think that's large enough.  Now to finish joining all the pieces together!

Angela ~ Shirt Repairs

I finally got to sew something!   Repairs to a couple of shirts, modeled by my trusty manikin Anne Boleyn.

This plaid shirt got an asymmetrical redo. 

And this one received an easy patch repair.

Both had major holes worn through in the same place, the lower right side.
A friend has a rough spot on her kitchen counter tile that they have never been able to correct, therefore her shirts get holes in the same place.  She also finds it hard to find 100% cotton shirts in the style she likes at a price she can afford so I offered to repair hers.

For the plaid shirt I used a heavier cotton with the wrong side out to almost match the colors in the plaid.  The buttonholes in the shirt were also too large so the repair fixed that as I had to make new buttonholes through the new fabric overlay.

For the paisley I found one color locally that actually matched one of the colors in the shirt.  I would have preferred a purple but they all were really off in color.  I used a fancy stitch the sewing machine does to attach the patches to the fronts only.  Then I used the same stitch in 3 rows to stiffen up the front band as she had a problem with it being wimpy and gaping between the buttons.

Wait till you see the next shirt project!

Moira: Moved but not unpacked

I'm sure you've been wondering what it would take for me to not get any sewing done.........ummmm, a cross-country move would be the answer to that question.

It was an eventful move.........a mover that loaded the truck, well most of it and frustrated the heck out of me doing it, Trouble with the moving van, an accident (thankfully totally covered by the insurance I'd bought when renting teh moving van), rain that held off by about 3 hrs when the truck was being unloaded by friends from church here in Texas.....and so on.

And my critter (aka the car) is now in the shop needing some repairs, that thankfully did not hit until after I was here.  

Lots of boxes yet to unpack, but the bedroom is liveable and the kitchen is workable.  

The new job starts tomorrow morning and I'm looking forward to the work.    

Susan: No CQ, but Finished 3rd Hexathon block

I was completely out of it last week, don't think I even came to comment, though I read posts. I did a lot of quilting, but not much hand work last week. I did finish this Hexathon block:

I also finished the embroidery for the center of this block, Fall Love QAL Block 1:

That pretty much sums up my handwork for the week. I hope you had a more productive week!

August 9, 2016

Barbara's Imagine Shawl

I admit that I've had a bit of a fascination with Lion Brand Amazing yarn.  It's a blend of 50-50 wool and acrylic, you can buy it at big box stores, and it comes in lovely long color repeats. 

I used 4 balls to make up an Imagine Shawl.  Although the pattern is written for fingering weight yarn and Amazing is worsted, I just knit most of 3 balls of the main colorway (Joshua Tree) and then added one ball of a contrasting colorway (Rainforest) to complete the slip stitch border.  

This is an easy relaxing knit and the shawl is soft and fuzzy.  It's too warm to use this shawl now, but I'm ready when the temperatures drop in the fall.

Judy ~ A Little Sewing and Some Knitting

This week has been fairly busy, but I did finish a couple more projects.  A while ago Dee found a great free pattern for some yarn in my stash!  Shocking, eh? The Interrupted Cowl is fun to knit, so fun that I ordered two more skeins of Bamboo Bloom in different colors.

In a recent email, DD#1 mentioned that Sophia would really like a nightgown.  That inspired me to find a quick pattern (Thank you, Center Diamond Fabric Shop in Cannon Beach, OR.) and crank up the sewing machine for the first time in ages.  It took 45 minutes in line locally to get the fabric cut, but the wait was worth it; next time I'll get the fabric with my patterns.

It's way too warm in the Midwest for a long nightgown, and the pattern had a shortie version complete with bloomers. Sewing is so much faster than knitting, at least for me.

Hope you all have a great week!

Moira: On the Road

By the time this posts I'll be on the road and headed towards Texas and all that is down there.   My dad will be driving the moving van for me and my mom will be riding with him.  Don't know yet what my car will look like, but I think at the time that I'm writing this, it'll actually be less crowded than previous moves have been.  And that says that I actually did make a dent in what I have as i've been downsizing and getting rid of stuff......YEAH!  

One of the biggest things accomplished this week, was to get a lease application in the first part of the week and it was approved.   Deposit has been mailed off, and the lease has been electronically signed.  =)  And I get the keys to the place on Friday the 12th....woohoo.........I'll have a roof over my head!

In between finishing up the packing and most of everything needed around here I did get some sewing in this week.   Finished up 4 snack mat tops first this week.  All started with a piece of cross-stitch.

I also completed the pieced sashing units for my Modern Block Quilt contest entry.   Am thinking about redoing the yellow ones tho because the yellow kinda blends into the background fabric and that really isn't the look that I want for the setting.  Each set as shown is a different color, all of which have beein used in one or more of the 12 blocks that I made.  

And yes I know what they ended up looking like - totally unintentally........however, I do admit thinking about how I could spin the look into a fun title for the finished quilt.   I'll start putting the top together once I get to TX and can sew again.

Susan: CQJP2016, May Update

Two more seams. Such fun to do!

Seam 33: From Carole Samples' book, page 39. I added the detached chains and the buttons, though. Yellow thread is Valdani 12 cotton. Variegated green is Sassa Lynne.

Seam 34: From Carole Samples' book, page 128. I added the button. Most of the thread is Sassa Lynne, but the tiny straight stitches are two strands of Cosmo Seasons 8062 variegated.

August 2, 2016

Cyra ~ Mandala ~ The Games

Part 13 (of 18) is now complete on my Summers End Mandala Madness project.

The full 'thing' is shown here

and just these two ecru rounds were added since last week.

It's quite a mission to find quiet time to crochet on the the mandala. It really does need NO distractions while reading the pattern and counting counting counting.

Only five more parts to go, haha, but I shall be putting the Mandala in hibernation from this Friday, for a couple of weeks, because of The Games.
No I don't mean the 2016 Rio Olympics, 
I mean the Ravelry Ravellenic Games 2016
which is the YARNY FIBER equivalent of the Olympics, and will be on at the same time.
So far I have entered myself in 6 events and hope to complete them within the short time-frame of the games, and maybe some more as well We'll see how I get on with these 6 first.
I have joined TEAM PARTY for the games.

There are loads (and I mean LOADS) of different teams to join if you would like to add yourself to the fun.

There are medals for different events, and laurels awarded for different items and techniques.

So now I have my foot on the starting line and waiting for the opening ceremony to finish so that I can make a mad dash for the finish post.

I am so glad there are so many people just as mad as me in the fiber world.