March 28, 2017

Cyra ~ More on the Stitch Sampler

I've been busy on my genealogy work over the last couple of weeks, hence not much happening on the stitching side over here in NZ. I have made a great headway on one particular small branch of my tree, and I always get a lump in my throat when surprises pop up in my research. It is so interesting to discover what people in my tree have been up to.

But now I've actually got some stitching things done again I can show you what I've been up to.

My Embroidery Sampler has two small simple stitch bands added.
(sorry the photo seems blurred)

....and here is the full sampler so far.



The 12" Block Seven for my Blues Blanket is That One Sister
Again, I have adapted the pattern to suit my personal preference (the freeformer in me always wants to take over, lol).


And....... tada!!!!
This is a sneak preview of a pattern that I will be releasing soon.


Tony & I have been out for a couple of coastal walks, all close to our home.
The first photo is Opunake beach from the cliff top (looking north across to Middleton Bay), and the second photo is the walk past Opunake lake and heading south to the next bay.

Two very different coast views and an enjoyable couple of days adventures.

See you next week when I hope to have more of the sampler done, and another 12" square, 
plus whatever else takes my fancy.

Angela ~ A Few More Hats

I found some more yarn at Goodwill, black & gray, full skeins!
So I have made a couple more hats for Hats for Vets using up the last bits of other colors I already had.  Each has a stripe or two of a bright color.  Now I'm on the last one I can make for now and it's a rather boring black gray and light brown, but perhaps a hunter may like it.

Clare had a great day about a week ago, she went to a VA clinic near where she lives in OH and they held a special event for her and promoted it.  She got to meet some wonderful vets and hear their stories and give away hats.  Most of the vets were amazed that someone wanted to give them something, especially a 15 year old girl.  It was a special day for her and them.

And we have 3 bluebonnet plants in our yard this year!  

Moira - Playing with UFO's

How can it be the end of March already?   Doesn't seem like time should be marching along that fast.

My hand was being uncooperative this weekend as I worked on the binding of the heart quilt and kept going numb.   =P  I should be able to get that finished tonite (have 1 1/2 sides to go).

In between working on that and income taxes, I pulled out a set of UFO blocks and started working with them.

These blocks started with the blocks and scraps that I had leftover from a group quilt top I put together back in 2003 for an online group that I've been a part of since 1997.  I ended up making 4 more heart blocks and 3 more of the four-patch blocks.  The blocks are 9.5" unfinished.  Since taking this picture I did rearrange the layout of the hearts a little.  All the rows are pinned in groups so that when I'm able to sew them together they will be ready for me.

I love the colors and fabrics in it.  And will be 54" square without a border.  Still thinking about what I want to do for a border, if I even end up doing one for this one.   And haven't decided if I'm gong to keep this one, sell it, or donate it.

March 21, 2017

Judy ~ Back Home!

We were gone and with no way of posting, but now we are back home. I finally finished a pair of embroidered socks!  It was last year's mystery sock from the Knitters Brewing Company.

It's a fairly complex pattern, so I didn't want to overdo it with so much embroidery that you couldn't see the cabling.

 I also finished a scarf and a pair of booties.  Right now I'm trying to finish this year's mystery sock which is based on crazy quilting. Can you imagine that?

Have a good week!  And thanks Angela for the reminder to get back to stitching!

Moira: Another week down

Got the commissioned heart quilt quilted this week.  That was an interesting job - when I'd pinned it I had two problems that weren't found till I finished the pinning.  First there were pleats in the backing fabric and then the backing fabric was about 6" too short thanks to me having turned the top the wrong way on the backing.  =(

I ended up quilting and smoothing/re-pinning a row at a time on it and got the job done in a couple of days.   I plan to put the binding on tonite and hope to ship it out on Friday.  Here's what the back looks like with the additional strip added on.  Next week I'll post a pic of the whole thing.

Next up was sewing the binding down on this table runner.  Still debating about doing more quilting, and looking at it in the pic, I probably will...eventually.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it, maybe sell it.

And the final thing I managed to finish up was getting a sample block made for one of my newest block designs.    The sample block will end up in my stash of blocks for Am. Hero quilts.

And as requested last week - here is the link to my Craftsy store -

Sewn To Own Creations

Susan: CQJP News

I opted not to do the CQJP this year, but applique. However, I haven't started applique yet, either! I did get center #9 started on Wednesday on the way to the Nashville temple.

On Friday, I made block 8 finally, after having it on my list for more than a month! This is one of three larger blocks in the whole thing. It's a little wacky, but stitching will help ... or not. It's okay either way.

March 17, 2017

Calling For New Stitchers

Our group here is a very small group and as other things in life demand more from us,  some of us do not get time to post or comment every week.  Sometimes I don't get to even stitch anything some weeks.

So I am opening this up to our readers.  If you would like to join our little group please click on my the link to ladyhawthorne at the bottom of this post and send me an email.  Also include your blog link if you have a blog.

The entire purpose of Tuesday Stitchers is to share what we are creating and to comment on everyone's posts to keep us all encouraged.  We are from all over the US, Canada and New Zealand and welcome you no matter where you live.  That's the really nice thing about a virtual sewing bee!

March 14, 2017

Sock Bunnies to Real Bunnies

Many years ago I was known for making sock bunnies. They were made with slightly fuzzy men's socks which sadly disappeared from the stores.  Everyone I knew received one at some point and I sold a great many.  They had button eyes in a variety of colors and I dressed them according to the personality or hobbies of the person it was going to.  They were all named after flowers & plants, each got a little tag with their name, meaning and number. 

I'm sorry I don't have any photos of them that are digital and all other photos are in storage.  I kept all the names & such in a book for a long time, there were over 350 of them made though I don't remember the exact number.

After that many it was probably a good thing I couldn't find those socks anymore.

So now I temporarily have this bunny:
Sadly his sibling died.
He's doubled in size and is eating about 1/2 formula and 1/2 greens.  It looks like another week will see him released into the wild.
Here's the culprit that brought him and his sibling in to me, this is her CAT TV show.  What's funny is that if the cat lays there and starts bathing, so does the bunny.

Moira - another week gone by

Not a lot of stitching going on this last week.  Went to the Dallas Quilt Show on Saturday and have oodles of pics to go through from it.  Found out that the camera battery won't last through TWO quilts goodness for phone cameras....I was able to get pics of the final few quilts that I wanted.

Did get a few more blocks made using the final PP'ing patterns that I've been working on using up.    Only 5 more patterns to go and the leftover patterns from the long-ago quilt will finally all be used....woohoo.....

In other news, my new sewing machine has arrived but I have not unpacked it yet.   I have a couple of projects (called two commissioned quilts) that need to be finished before I can really start working iwth the new machine.  And I don't need the temptation of it being out....altho I do need to check for damage.  ;-)

March 7, 2017

Two weeks worth of stitching

I completely forgot to post here last week  (senior moments are getting more frequent, lol)  so here follows two weeks worth of stitching fun at my place.

I've been playing catch-up on my Embroidery Sampler.
I've now completed Band 7 

The background looks rather 'washed-out' on these pics, it is a much better green in real life.
And the sampler so far.

And if you are counting only 6 bands... yes you are correct. I missed one out simply because I just didn't feel like doing it, lol.

The crochet scrumbles from two weeks ago turned into a pillbox hat (or is it 'pillar box' hat?).
One of my sons suggested that I add some spike-like bits to the front top of it, then it would look like the Statue of Liberty's head piece, lol.


My Rhapsody In Blues Blanket - 12" Block #6 
Pattern is Picture Frame by Lisa Naskrent


A seahorse finger puppet. 
I designed this in response to a Scavenger Hunt request on Ravelry.

And a Catghan nonogon. Approx 16" across.
Nonogon = 9 sides
Catghan = Cat blanket or rug
(Will be donated to a cat rescue home when I have a few of them made)


On the non-stitching side of my life - we have added these girls to our paddocks.
Eenee, Meenee, Mynee & Mo

That is the sort of lawn-mower that I like best, hahaha.

Moira - Foot to the pedal....

It was "foot to the pedal" all weekend as I switched gears to work on a new and different commissioned quilt.  I started off with this bunch of "found" fabric that I had made at some point in the past from some of my red scraps.

Next cut out 53 hearts for applique from them.

After fusing 40 of the hearts onto 10.5" squares of assorted white-on-white fabrics (6 different prints!), I started a satin-stitching marathon.

And after running out of the needed color thread half-way through block #21, ended up taking a much needed break to go get more thread and stitch-n-tear stabilizer.  (Going back for more stabilizer this week when it goes on sale for 50% off so I can use the additional 25% off discount coupon on top of that.)   Came home and finished off blocks 21-24.   Ended the days sewing with 24 of the needed 42 blocks being finished.

Then on Sunday I sorted through my red scraps and pulled out all of the remaining strips and chunks and sewed them together in more strip sets before church.  Resulting in this bunch of "found" fabric.

Got the wonder under ironed on before church as well.

Then I spent yesterday afternoon tracing and then cutting out 71 more hearts ranging in size from 8" to 2" tall.  Monday evening after work will be spent in making the remaining hearts.  Aim is to put the quilt together Tuesday evening and then baste it Wed. evening before my evening Bible study meeting at church (gotta make use of the tables when I can!)

Today I finished the remaining 18 blocks needed for the quilt.  Will get the top together tomorrow and basted on Wed.

I'll use the 54 extra red hearts for an American Hero quilt at some point in the future.  Or perhaps other projects.  

And in other news, I've uploaded my first pattern to Craftsy (the first block in my BOM this year, listed under Sewn to Own Creations) and a copy of it has been bought.  Not a big price on it, but it's still a sale.  Woohoo.......and four more patterns are almost done and ready to upload.  =)

Angela ~ What Sewing?

I've had an interesting weekend.  My cat brought me 2 of these:

The other one is just now opening his eyes.  I've been feeding them goat milk formula with an eye dropper 3 times a day and will see if they will eat some dandelion greens today.  Hopefully they will be big enough to set free in about a week or so.

No sewing again but I do have a nice stack of more Hats for Vets.
When I finish the one on the loom that will make another 20.  Claire has found a VA hospital that is willing to let her come and distribute hats.  And this is the end of all the yarn Mom & I had.  76 hats total I have made.  Thankfully I have it down to about 2 hours of work.  I've been lots slower since I sprained my thumb though.

Too windy today to spread compost, but hopefully tomorrow I can and get my green beans planted too.

February 28, 2017

Moira: Time away

Not much sewing this past week because I was away for most of it at Quilt Con with Susan.   Did get the remaining two F2F blocks made on Sunday to finish out that swap.  

My biggest thing tho of the week wasn't what I got made during the week - but what I bought at Quilt Con.   And that would be a new sewing machine.  =)  I am now the owner of an Elna eXcellance 780, bought the model they were using as a demo at the show for a great price.  And am now waiting on it it to arrive here (they were shipping it to me).  =)  (And yes, that's me sitting down in the pic next to my new machine.)

February 21, 2017

Angela ~ No Stitching Again

Sorry to report there has been no stitching again.  We have been having a warm a spell and I have been busy in the garden.  I moved a raised bed to a better location, that meant digging out 15 large bags of soil, moving the thing about 20 feet and then refilling it, not to mention smoothing out the ground where it use to be.  That took almost a week.
This is what it looked like a year ago, its green now no potatoes this year, the beds are 3' x 8' and 32" tall.

Today I severely cut back the wisteria that has overgrown itself and was partly dead.  I literally cut off 90% of it.  It really needs a trellis or arbor but its in a weird part of the yard for that, I have no idea who planted it there.

Onions garlic and beets have been planted, all doing well so far.  Fruit trees are budding which is not good because we will probably get more freezes.

I have made a couple more Hats for Vets, I will save them up till I have a bunch to mail again.  It looks like all the ones Clare has made and received so far will be delivered to patients at a VA Hospital near her.  I'm going slowly on this next batch since I sprained my right thumb.  I can't not use it so it is taking time to heal.

Susan: CQJP2016 Finished


Close ups of final seams:

Motif 11  
Motif 11

Seam 50  
Seam 50

Seam 51  
Seam 51

Seam 50 was fun. I used Aurifil pink 12 thread for accents, a variegated Sassa Lynne for feather stitching, and tiny Delica magenta beads. I think they were these from U Bead It, my favorite bead store in the country. These were actually bought in person in Sacramento, many years ago.